Christmas Wonderland

Watch our Greenhouses transform during the holiday season. We bring your home to life with fresh cut trees, poinsettias, and spectacular decor. Be sure you don’t miss our Christmas Ladies Night in support of our local Women’s shelter.

Christmas Greens & Trees

Fresh & Potted
Christmas Trees

We offer a large selection of Ontario grown Christmas trees. Choose from a variety of sizes and grades of fresh cut Fraser and Balsam Fir as well as Pine Christmas trees.

Christmas Greens
and Boughs

Create your own stunning decor with natural Fir, Cedar, Pine, Magnolia, Oregonia, Dogwood, Birch Poles, and Eucalyptus boughs, swags, wreaths, and roping.

Quality Artificial
Christmas Trees

High quality indoor and outdoor artificial Christmas trees and light trees. Indoor/outdoor string lights and decorative outdoor light up displays available.


By far the most popular Christmas flower across Canada, this tropical beauty stands out for its vibrant and festive blooms. Available in a variety of colours from white, pink, and traditional red to the festive splatter pattern of the red and white jingle bells. Our poinsettias come in multiple sizes and colour combinations.

Tips For Success:

  • Be sure not to over water
  • Allow soil to dry out between waterings to avoid root-rot
  • Place in a warm, bright space
  • Keep away from exterior doors and drafty windows

Christmas Flowers

Poinsettias aren’t the only flowering plant synonymous with Christmas. Cyclamen, Christmas Cactus, and Amaryllis are also beloved Christmas bloomers. These beautiful plants come in a variety of colours including white, pink, coral, purple, red, and more.

Christmas topiaries, such as Lavender and Rosemary are popular for their beautiful cone shapes and fresh scents. These edible plants serve multiple purposes and can be used as decor or as an herb in a delicious holiday dinner.

Looking for a live tree to have indoors that doesn’t need to be planted in the spring? Try a Norfolk pine. These indoor evergreens will liven up the home without needing to be kept cold. They have bright, lime green boughs contrasting a warm chocolate brown trunk and soft, delicate needles.

Christmas In The Greenhouses

Every year around Christmas, we open our doors for an evening to welcome the ladies of our community. Our annual “Ladies Night” has proven to be a wondrous success. Offering exclusive pricing, food and drinks, local vendors, and a great time. All in support of our local Women’s Shelter and food bank! 

Looking for a fun day out? Don’t miss our Christmas workshops! 

Every year we host a selection of Christmas Decor workshops featuring custom urn inserts, natural wreaths, and gorgeous centerpeices. These classes include all materials needed, tools, and of course some delicious snacks!


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