Bulk Landscaping Material

Westside Nurseries offers a large variety of bulk materials. Regularly stocking topsoil, triple mix, natural and dyed mulches, as well as stone and gravel products. Whether you are updating an existing garden or starting from scratch, Westside Nurseries has you covered.

Are you a fellow landscaper? Ask us about our discounts on select products and materials for registered landscaping or property management companies. We love to support our local community in Owen Sound and area.

Sold by the bucket (approx. 1 cubic yard) or half bucket (approx. 1/2 cubic yard).


Topsoil is the upper most layer of soil with the highest concentration of organic matter and microorganisms. Our screened contiually stocked throughout the season.

Triple Mix

A blend of compost, top soil, and bark fines. Triple mix is lighter and airier than top soil, making it great for gardens and landscaping projects.

Composted Manure

A nutrient rich composted natural product. This premium compost offers many benefits such as disease suppression and water retention.

Natural Cedar Mulch

Comprised of large pieces of cedar bark that have been shredded into a mulch. Cedar wood gives off a fragrant aroma and keeps away certain insects.

Black Beauty® Mulch

A fine textured mulch made of virgin fibre sourced from the Ontario forest industry. The bold black dye will last longer than conventional dyed mulches.

Four Seasons Mulch

Using finely shredded pine, this mulch gives a natural look that blends into the soil. Designed to be subtle and versatile, Four Seasons mulch is not dyed.

Natural Pine Mulch

The most desired mulch in Ontario. This dye free and completely natural pine mulch blends into any garden with a natural look.

Decorative Forest Mulch

An un-dyed mulch made from a blend of virgin hardwood and bark derived from Ontario’s forest industry. Helps condition the soil and provides protection for plants from harsh weather.

Small River Rock

The soft rounded edges make river rock perfect for use in watergardens. Stones are 1″-3″ in size with colours ranging from dark grey to light pink.

Pea Stone

These rounded pea-sized stones are perfect for walkways or paths, as well as filling any spaces or gaps between stone. Versatile and attractive for landscaping.

Clear Gravel

Clear Gravel (washed gravel) stones are approximately 3/4″ and are ideal for walkways, under decks, around foundations, or in areas that require drainage.

High Performance Bedding Gravel

HPB Gravel – NEW! Spring 2024

High-Performance Bedding (HPB) is a 1/4″ clear gravel. It is a perfect drainage material under walls or slabs, and as backfill around swimming pools. A contractor’s favourite!

Crushed Gravel

Crushed gravel is similar in shape to clear gravel, however much smaller. The irregular edges help it stay in place which is useful for for walks and driveways.

Stone Dust

Stone dust is a mix of small and crushed gravel. Compacts and binds strongly making it ideal for use in driveways or under sheds, hot tubs, or structures.

Concrete Sand

Coarse texture and ideal for use in concrete, patios, and driveways. Providing great drainage and easy to grade or pack, recommended for use with interlocking stone.

Delivery Available

We will deliver in Owen Sound as well as our surrounding areas. Buying some large or heavy trees? We can deliver those too!! Call us today to ask about delivery.